When Worlds Collide

630It’s October. The days are getting shorter and the evenings colder. What could be more obvious than spend the time with a few decent DVDs. Tonight’s movie is barely Halloween-themed, but I think it still works. There’s something about destroying Earth that always cheers me up.

**When Worlds Collide** (German Title: **”Der Jüngste Tag”**) is a classic tale of doomsday. When a couple of astronomers first discover an alien sun and its planet fast approaching on a collision course with Earth, no one believes them. Naturally. Their proposal to build a modern Noah’s Ark is turned down by the United Nations. Only a few industrialists heed the warning – some out of idealism, but at least one because he fears for his own life. With their money, the scientists begin building a rocket to save a handful of people.

Filmed in colour in 1951, When Worlds Collide must have been an expensive movie to make. While it is certainly antiquated, it’s interestingly executed. It’s a good mix between the human drama of the survivors, and the natural catastrophe. There are even some nice pictures – the sunken New York City, for example, doesn’t look too shabby.

The DVD I watched – German Edition – contains no particular specials. There’s the theatrical trailer, which is funny more than anything else, and various languages (English, French, Italian, Spanish). You’re buying this for the movie and I can tell you that if you like sci-fi or catastrophe flicks, you’ll enjoy this one. Yes it’s ancient. Yes you have to take all that into account. Still, it’ll entertain you. Just… brace yourself for the ending. It is truly horrible. And I do not mean that in a good way. I don’t think I am giving much away by telling you that of course there is a “happy end”. It’s basically a few people being happy in front of a landscape that is so obviously painted that it was a piece of crap when it was first designed. I guess the movie’s budget ran out right before the end. Still, watch this one.

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