Invasion from Mars (1953)

Part Three of my [Martian Movie Marathon](/2003/08/27/martian-movie-marathon/) was Invasion from Mars – and to be precise, the version from 1953. What can I say – it’s a b-movie, and I do not mean this in any good way. Invasion from Mars is so bad, it isn’t even funny anymore. Terrible acting, terrible sets, terrible special effects and above all, terrible script and terrible dialogue. What can I say? The movie is, you guess it, terrible. Even when you consider its age. Want some examples?

> “Take the star Wolf 359 for example. It has its own sun…”

> Scientist guy shows random picture of space. “There are 22 planets in this picture alone.”

> “This [is a picture of] a martian landscape.” – “It has grass and rivers and lakes – so why not animals and people?”

I could go on, but I’d have to re-watch the movie to write down some verbatim quotes, and I really, REALLY do not want to do that. And then I haven’t even begun to mention stuff like the guys in bunny suits with the zippers showing.

The DVD I watched – a cheap production which only had a German voice track – lacked any kind of extra except a few text screens, and the picture and sound quality can only be described as poor.

If you really need me to repeat it: Avoid this movie. Watch the [remake from 1986](/2003/08/31/invasion-from-mars-1986/). I know that is what I will do now. Or be like me, watch both.

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