On the Road with an iBook

As you are probably aware if you know me or have been following my website for a while, I own an iBook G3/500 as a portable computer. And don’t get me wrong, I love this machine as I have really no computer for a long time. It’s got style, a great keyboard, and an operating system that I can get excited about. The sleek white curves of the iBook are downright sexy, and it’s a joy to type with this gorgeous keyboard.

But the machine does have some serious drawbacks. Now, after two years of pretty constant use, the batteries should really be replaced. They only get me about two hours of work time, maybe a tad more than this. The harddrive – at 20GB – is seriously under-sized for my needs. And forget about DivX video playback with the G3 processor at 500 MHz. Even if those things weren’t bad enough, I have yet to find a really good word processor for Mac OS X. The two main contenders – Microsoft Office v.X and Star office – both have their individual nags and issues. Right now I am using Star Office, and I am not yet quite happy with it. Microsoft Office v.X works well enough, but it has some performance and UI issues. Especially the performance, which is very poor.

I’d be seriously tempted to buy a Powerbook 12″, except for two things… I’d really prefer it in the white iBook design; and of course the price is just way too high.

I guess I shall have to live with what I have…

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