Martian Movie Marathon

As [Mars approaches Earth]( closer than it has in the past sixty thousand years, I’ll be doing my very own Martian Movie Marathon this weekend. I’ll watch and review a half-dozen Mars movies that I could borrow from people on short notice. The current schedule looks like this:

1. [Total Recall](/2003/08/30/total-recall/)
2. [War of the Worlds (1953)](/2003/08/30/war-of-the-worlds-1953/)
3. [Invasion from Mars (1953)](/2003/08/31/invasion-from-mars-1953/)
4. [Invasion from Mars (1986)](/2003/08/31/invasion-from-mars-1986/)
5. [Mars Attacks!](/2003/08/31/mars-attacks/)

That should keep me somewhat occupied. Maybe I can find some additional Mars movies. I’ve got my eyes on “Ghost of Mars” and “Mission to Mars”.

Finally, when I need to relax and take a break, I might listen to the Audiobook version of Edgar Rice Burrough’s “Princess of Mars”. I guess that could take well into next week, however.

_Update, August 31st 2003:_ Well, I am done: 4 days, 5 movies, 5 reviews. I didn’t listen to much of “Princess of Mars” because, quite frankly, the guy reading it sucks.

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