Sound of Frankfurt 2003

I just returned from this year’s Sound of Frankfurt event. Eight hours of music, dancing, parties, girls, and more music. (Well, sorta.)

We mostly hung out near the stage of the Hessischer Rundfuk (Hessian Radio). The show was pretty decent, the definitive highlight were Kool and the Gang, who stole the show. There were various other artists, the most famous – besides of course Kool and the Gang – being Camouflage, Heinz Rudolph Kunze (whatever the spelling of his name is) and Rodgau Monotones. The later are not really my kind of music, but not only did the chicks dig it and it was loud, by the time they played I was mostly concerned with my painful feet. 😉

There were two other acts of note. First, this blonde girl from a german Soap Opera show (Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten) sang. It didn’t suck, but I assume her – seemingly numerous – fans can be entirely explained by the fact that she is mostly pretty. Her music can be safely discarded as meaningless and mindless pop (just like 90% of the music Germany has produced in this century).

Second, a boy-band named “B3” that I had never heard of before, but they must be at least moderately popular as there were a bunch of screaming teenagers in the audience who must have been waiting just for them – they left after B3’s contribution to the concert, which I must honestly say was the worst performance of the evening. The lead singer’s voice sounded like it would crack any moment; the songs were your average boy-band drivel, and the dancing was lacking any kind of coordination – you could tell that the three boys were basically trying to dance in synchronization, but what an utter desaster! They really should have stayed home doing their schoolwork – or at least keep practicing dancing for another year or so.

Anyway – Overall, it was a nice evening. I took some photos, but I’m really too exhausted to post them tonight. Check again in about ten hours.

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