Disneyland Paris, Day Four

Today marked our last day in the European incarnation of the Disney Theme Park. We had breakfast in the park again, then proceeded to take photos and do some last, minor shopping. Ixner and Nicole really wanted to find a Stitch doll (“Lilo and Stitch”), so we walked all over the park to find one. No luck. At least we did find the Stitch character, and made a lengthy photo session with it. We followed this up with a few last rides; in a bit of irony the Aerosmith roller coaster broke down just as we were sitting in it and were about to be launched. Now was that Disney’s way of getting rid of us, or what?

Sarcasm aside, this was the third ride that broke down on the past two days; Space Mountain broke down yesterday morning, and Big Thunder Mountain broke down – twice – in the afternoon. Except for the Aerosmith breakdown, this didn’t affect our schedule. But since it was getting late (about 1pm) we decided to simply grab our things and head home.

So, in conclusion, how did I like Euro Disney? Actually, quite a lot. You need to be careful not to spend too much time there – about 2 days seems right – and you really need to find a time when the park is mostly empty. Then it’s a blast. Avoid the pricey rip-offs that are all over the park (Cheeseburgers for 4 euros; Buffalo Bill for 52 Euros, and so on – the most expensive burger I saw was about 15 Euros), and you should be fine. It would be fun, I guess, but you can’t do it too much. I am afraid people will send me for rehab anyway after being exposed to such an artificial world.

Anyway, overall I had a good time. Many thanks to Ixner, Nicole and Hübi for taking me along.

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