Disneyland Paris, Day Three

The day began very early with breakfast in **Fantasyland**. You have a chance to eat in the park instead of the hotel, about an hour before it officially opens. The side benefit is that you are in the park before the regular visitors, and you can – I think – even get fast pass tickets before breakfast.

Today, we decided to go all-out for reimbursement for the horror that was Buffalo Bill, and we stuffed ourselves quite nicely. Since we were there at the start, we got stuff that wasn’t available the day before – like sliced ham.

The day was spent catching up on some events that we hadn’t had the time for before. Some minor rides – Pinnocio’s for example – and a repetition of “It’s A Small World”, but nothing really worth mentioning. Both Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain broke down, the later at least twice, once when we were on the river boat and once later, when the guys wanted to ride. They did restart Big Thunder Mountain, but I really didn’t feel like taking part. Probably the only real thing of note besides the breakfast was the **Tarzan show**, which was actually surprisingly good. Too much singing, too little story, but you get almost an hour of artistic “dances”. Very nicely done, really, and some of the stunts were downright amazing.

Later, we went back to the Disney Studio Park in the search of Stitch (without success) and, as I mentioned, a few repeats of the Aerosmith roller coaster. We headed back to the Village for dinner (Mc Donald’s, with a reeeeeally cute cashier; so cute that I was seriously tempted to ask her phone number, but of course I chickened out) and then for a big shopping spree through the merchandise stores. I spent way too much money. Well, my family will be happy about it.

All in all, day 3 was pretty uneventful. It was very mixed weather – first very cloudy, then sunny. It also got noticeably more crowded. I am not sure if it was a holiday in France – it was in Hesse – but that would explain the increase in patrons. Either that, or the approaching weekend. I think that about two and a half days are really enough for Disneyland – plus maybe some time for shopping – and I’m actually looking forward to returning home.

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