Disneyland Paris, Day Two

The second day began with breakfast at the **Hotel Cheyenne**. It’s a normal “take whatever you can carry” hotel breakfast, with pretty small trays. You can imagine the ensuing panic amongst the people: Everybody filled their trays to maximum capacity and sometimes beyond. We were still relatively modest in what we took, even though by this time we had decided to “get our money back” for the Buffalo Bill West West Rip off Show. We were at the table late (10:00 am) and when we were done, the hotel staff was already cleaning. It was a battlefield of bread-crumbs and spilled juice. Not really our fault, I must add; we contributed little to the chaos caused by the other guests of the Cheyenne.

When we left the hotel, we had our first real run-in with a **Disney character**. Mickey was in front of the Cheyenne posing for children. The funny anecdote is that one of the kids was so scared it was about to break out in open tears, but the parents made it pose anyway. For Disneyland being a “kids’ event”, the parents surely act selfish around here.

For this day in Disneyland Paris we took it upon ourselves to visit the **Disney Studio Park**. It’s basically a smaller park separated from the main Disneyland; the theme is more movie-centric than Disney-centric. Of course they use Disney movies wherever they can. The focus is less on rides and more on, well, harmless stuff – with some notable exceptions.

Unlike the first day, the weather was marvelous – not too hot, but very sunny. We visited pretty much all of the Studio park. **Aladdin’s Flight** is really pretty much for kids; but if you want a quick, short, relaxing ride, join it and go ’round and ’round ’til you get bored (happens before the ride ends, at least in my case).

995There are two shows; **Animagique** and **Cinemagique**. They’re both sort of related, in that they present an aspect of Disney movies. Animagique is, as the name implies, about Disney Animations. Donald enters a “forbidden vault” in which he encounters all kinds of characters from Disney animated movies. Pretty well done, actually; especially the part with the pink elephants is laugh-out-loud funny. We all liked it. But even better, in my opinion, was Cinemagique. A person gets drawn out of the audience and into the movies, where he meets a blonde chick from a silent black and white movie. Together – or more aptly, apart from each other – they travel from one movie to the next; high noon and other wild west movies; Braveheart; Titanic; even Silence of the Lambs. It’s pretty funny, in parts even clever, and thoroughly enjoyable. As with several other shows, the real space in front of the space gets involved in the show. I will not give anything away, but I will say that Cinemagique is very worth the time you spend on it, and I recommend that you do go and watch it.

In stark contrast to these two shows is Disney’s **Art of Disney Animation**. They have some pictures on the wall, a few very minor activities and a “how to draw Disney characters” course for kids. Probably only interesting for very dedicated fans… and for parents who wish to occupy their children for a little bit. Otherwise, you can safely avoid it.

The same can be said about the **Walt Disney Television Studio Tour**. You get a very quick “tour” – two rooms, really – in what supposedly is the center of Disney channels in Europe. Or was it France? I forget. Anyway, it’s tedious and boring and you can spend your time better in any number of ways.

1001One better way would be the **Studio Tram Tour**. They show a few props, costumes and so on from various movies, and they have set up a sort of stage to show off some “special effects” – the infamous water flood and exploding tank car. You probably heard about it. Anyway, it’s impressive and worth the ride, although I wish that in the last part – the destroyed London of Reign of Fire – they’d at least show a bit of a dragon. Oh well, it’s still sort of fun.

In the same so-so category we can find the **Special Effects of Armageddon**. They are trying to simulate the asteroid impact in the Russian space station from the movie (never watched it, so I cannot comment on it). Basically, they synchronize some flames, smoke and water with images on a screen. Impressive to children and young teenagers, but it’ll leave anybody else pretty cold. If you are into this sort of thing, go and watch it; if the line’s short you can spend your time in worse ways, but I won’t recommend this attraction.

As an aside, in the middle of the day we happened to catch the **Disney Studio Parade**. A couple characters, a couple of cars, some weird “movie like” people – starlets both male and female – dance once across the park to music. Well, some of them are well done, but most of it is… cheesy. Good for a laugh or two.

1333Finally, we are left with two attractions and it’s a pleasure to describe them. First off, we also went to **Moteurs Action!** (“Motor Action” in English, if you didn’t get that), a stunt car show. They show some tricks and perform various car chases combined with fire, gunfights, jumps, and so on. Pretty nifty, really, and fun – again, if you are into this sort of thing.

The spectacular highlight of the Disney Studio Park, however, is the **Rockin’ Roller Coaster Aerosmith**. This rollercoaster is a real trip, and the coolest I have ever rode on. It is a lot more fun that Space Mountain, Indiana Jones or Big Thunder Mountain. The track has loops, is upside down, curves, and everything at a speed of I think 92 KM/h. The acceleration at the beginning is insane (0 to 92 in 3 seconds). And everything to Aerosmith music. As with most Disney rides, the attention to detail was nice. We rode this roller-coaster probably ten times over the two last days of our stay at Disneyland Europe, and it was fun every time. if you can stand roller-coasters at all, then you have to ride this one. It is a definite must.

After we were done with all the attractions and rides of Disney Studio Park, we went back to Disneyland itself to ride Big Thunder Mountain again (I didn’t feel like it) and we went to the Disney Village for some food (**McDonald’s** at Disney is surprisingly cheap, compared to the prices some of the other places charge) and for some minor shopping.

End of a rich and busy day two – we went back to the hotel, exhausted and sleepy and went to sleep soon after.

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