The Atomic Café

I watched “The Atomic Cafe” last night. It’s a collection of clips from US propaganda movies, interviews, TV shows, and internal military movies about Atomic bombs. It starts off with the Trinity test, moves over the annihilation of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, to show the Atomic culture of the 50s: Keywords are bomb shelters, the dreaded commies, and of course “duck and cover”. The Americans of the 50s were like savage worshiping a God of Fire: Always living in the fear of utter destruction by the wrath of said God, trying to appease him with rituals that are in truth totally futile.

The Atomic Cafe offers a wonderful view of the culture of the age – With Atomic themed music and children in school preparing for the consequences of nuclear war. Some parts of the movie could have used some expanding – but overall the movie is really well done. It’s a wonderful view of an age gone by.

I wish that people who advocate the construction or even use of nuclear weapons would be forced to watch movies like this one to educate them about the absolute horror of nuclear warfare. The lasting “shadows” of the people utterly destroyed in the nuclear furnace than engulfed Hiroshima and Nagasaki alone is an eerie image you won’t forget.

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