Destination: Euro Disney

Some friends intend to go to [Disneyland Paris]( in June, and I jumped to the opportunity to go with them. Always wanted to go there and never had a chance – once, my ex girlfriend went there with her company and I couldn’t join them, and much later a co-worker I liked asked me to go with her, but like all things she told me nothing ever came from it so far, and I have serious doubts anything ever will.

So, anyway, the date is set, and in June we’ll go to Paris for a few days. As always, if anybody wants to meet me there, let me know and we’ll hook up somehow.

As an aside, I realize that Disney is not only the epitome of American entertainment industry, they are also one of the sternes proponents of the DMCA and similar nonsense. Still, as someone who grew up on Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse comics, it’s an obligation to go to a Disneyland once in my life.

I view it as supporting France’s tourism industry.

_Update, June 2nd, 2003:_ It has been booked. Participants will be Ixner, Nicole, [Hübi]( and myself – [Nils](

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