XMen 2

628Went to see X-Men 2 with [Stefan](http://www.wintermeyer.de/) tonight. After the action-ladden but shallow and badly-scripted first part, I didn’t expect too much from it. And boy was I in for a surprise.

X-Men 2 picks up pretty much where X-Men 1 leaves off, of course with new characters both good and evil. In fact, the X-Men find some unlikely allies in their fight to protect the hapless victims (yet again).

The movie has everything: Good action, some nice jokes (and I am sure there were many I didn’t catch, not being a comic fanatic myself), hot girls (I never noticed the chick was the lightning bolts was soooo yummy, she’s a genuine angel), well-done special effects, dramatic fights, good acting and hey, even a social-criticque message. There was a strange moment for me when a German-speaking character is introduced; for a tiny, short moment my mind had trouble adjusting to the “foreign” language. Even he was well-done and his German not half-bad.

X-Men 2 picks you up and pretty much never lets you down again until the movie is finally over. It’s a trip and I mean that in a good way; if you are at all into superhero-action, then you should most definitely watch this movie. It may not rate as a piece of art, but as an action movie, it makes for a fantastic evening.

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