Blade 2 DVD

620I just watched Blade 2 on DVD. What can I say. This is going to be one short review. The movie starts fun enough, with Blade hunting them bloodsuckers. It goes downhill from there. Reintroducing the old dude (Whistler), new and better vampires, and so on. The “crack unit of vampires” really just cracks me up, and even the top villains just seem boring. Nevermind Blade’s instant healing abilities to be all fresh and prepared for the climatic battle.

The only area where this movie outdoes its predecessor is in the amount of blood and gore – including partial and still moving vampires, a vampire autopsy and similar “shockers”.

If you really, really like splatter movies with no brains (uhm… no pun intended. There are brains in this movie that you can take a look at up close and personal. But it’s not very smart) then you might want to watch this. Everybody else – stay clear. This is almost as bad as Starship Troopers, and the only reason for that “almost” is that it isn’t raping a novel.

This movie sucks so badly I couldn’t stand the thought of even testing out the extras.

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