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601Two days ago I watched the japanese anime movie “A Kite”. It’s about two assassins and – without wanting to spoil anything – their dirty jobs. There really isn’t much more than that to the story – no big surprises, no spectacular ideas. The main ingredients to the movie are, to be blunt, violence and sex, and plenty of ’em in graphic detail.

A kite features a few rather graphic scenes of sex, basically nothing wrong with that but it was a little too much in my eyes. I just don’t get off by watching other people copulate, and cartoon characters hold even less appeal. Whatever floats your boat.

Much more interesting are the action sequences, when Oburi and Sawa, the main characters, carry out their assassin missions. There’s a lot of gory detail here and what can best be described as blood by the bucket-full. The scenes are nicely choreographed and quite a ride. Definitely nothing for your average spoon-fed disney teen, but for the more adult audience this is quite a ride. It doesn’t compare to Trigun or the scenes in Episode 1 of Blue Submarine No.6, but it’s okay.

There are also some nice background jokes in the movie, for example in one scene a character is eating “Make Fat” french fries.

Basically, if you can stand cartoon sex and enjoy violent action, then you might want to check this movie out – otherwise, keep your hands off. I watched the German DVD, but I could not stand the German dubbing. The voice actors are terrible – on par with the german version of Futurama – so actually watched the original Japanese version with German subtitles; there was no English dubbing on this edition. The DVD is also pretty much devoid of extras, just a few trailers that are not worth watching. The menues are nicely done, though. One thing of note about the German edition of “A Kite” is that – according to my information – it is the only version released that is uncut.

_Update, July 28th 2003:_ Since I have received quite a number of inquiries on this subject: Unfortunately I do not know where someone might obtain a copy of the German Kite DVD. There are some stores that sell it but most of them are small and won’t ship to foreign destinations. As far as I know, Kite is “out of print” and thus mostly a second hand item. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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