Steffen Zoernig gave me the tip to check out Jeremiah, the newest creation of J. Michael Straczynski – famous for writing Babylon 5. Since I like end of the world type scenarios, and I like JMS, I figured I’d give the show a try. I’ve watched 7 Episodes so far, and I have to agree with Steffen; the show is well worth the time.

What is Jeremiah about? Well, we’re following the adventures of a guy named Jeremiah (played by Luke Perry) in a world where 15 years ago, everybody who had hit puberty or was older than that died of a mysterious plague, leaving the kids to pick up the pieces for themselves. Naturally, in true Lord of the Flies fashion, the result was not exactly idyllic.

The show features good scripts and decent acting; there’s surprisingly much sex and nude breasts for an American TV show. All through the seven episodes so far I felt reminded of Wasteland – not in a bad way, but the feel is pretty much the same. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jeremiah got attacked by a bunch of Slicer Dicers and Sniper Bots outside Las Vegas.

There are some gripes I have with this show. There is an awful lot of stuff that looks like new, especially clothes. Since there has been NO industry for 15 years, I’d expect that most of the “modern” clothes should have been destroyed in warehouses and shopping malls. Overall some parts of the world seem to be rather sophisticated – Thunder Mountain for example. I somehow doubt a bunch of kids could figure out all that hardware without decent training. Then again, they did have 15 years so who knows. And last but not least, there is some very heavy hinting at the plots behind the scenes. If you remember Babylon 5, then you will remember that it took JMS a lot longer to get to the bottom of things. I am torn, though. While it seems rushed, you never know what twists JMS will come up with, and besides a show that gets done as intended in say, 3-4 seasons is much better than one which either gets cancelled (Farscape, Crusade, Legend of the Rangers) or rushed because of the threat of cancellation (Babylon 5).

Bottom line: Check out Jeremiah. You know you want to. And dig out Wasteland while you’re at it.

_Update, October 27th 2002:_ I’ve watched all 20 episodes of Season One so far. Yeah, I like this show. It’s a pretty decent effort at creating an apocalyptic scenario and definitely kicks The Stand’s butt (not that that’s too hard to do). One word of caution: As with the other JMS shows, Jeremiah does have a story arc, i.e. you are advised to try and watch the episodes in order.

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