Blue Submarine

604I just watched Blue Submarine No.6, another fine Japanese Anime. The story: In the future, an evil scientist has melted the polar caps, killing billions, and is sending his armies of genetically engineered monsters to finish off the rest. Blue Submarine is telling the tale of the survivors’ battle against this seemingly unstoppable foe.

Blue Submarine an impressive blend of 2D animation and 3D computer graphics. I especially loved the action sequences of the battles in the half-submerged cities in the first episodes. Wonderful animation.

The show gets less and less interesting over time. Two really thrilling episodes are followed by one that is, well, so-so. The fourth and final episode is mostly confusing and annoying. The plot is pretty predictable and the end is, well, in one word: boring. Still, until you get there, it’s an enjoyable DVD. If you can live with a “Wow!” trip followed by a “so-what?” ending, then you should watch this movie.

The DVD includes some extras, the only one of note being the “Making of” movie. Interesting, but not the most thrilling of the world, most of what these guys have to tell is stating the obvious. One tip: When you do interviews, do not wear Nike hats like that, and especially not that way, it makes you look rather foolish.

_Note:_ sells this show one episode per DVD, for about US$18 each. Needless to say this is way too expensive. Even $18 for the entire set would still be a bit much – I doubt anybody would want to watch this movie more than once. For collectors.

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