The Simpsons Season 1 DVD

In a change from my current Halloween theme for reviews, I wanted to drop a few comments on the Simpsons First Season DVD set, especially since I comapred the Futurama First Season Box to it.

Unlike the [Futurama DVD Boxed Set](/2002/10/03/futurama-season-1-dvd/), there was never really a question for me: I ordered The Simpsons Season One as soon as it came out on DVD, not caring for the relatively high price (30 Euro at the time, see below). It arrived quickly, too. The disappointment was big: While the silvery box looked really rgeat, it had two disadvantages: One, it’s really easy to get the great box smeared with fingerprints. And two, the glue on my box was really crappy, and the upper side was loose. For 30+ Euros, I really expected more.

However, most of these gripes were quickly forgotten when I played the DVDs. The menues are simple but functional. There are some extras; animations and deleted scenes; various language clips; and some short features about the creation and history of the simpsons. They’re quite a bit longer than the featurette on the Futurama Season One box, and I didn’t feel cheated. (Note that the Futurama Boxed Set actually was published a year later.) But the main attraction, of course, are the episodes themselves. The picture quality is sharp and clear, good sound too as far as I can judge. Definitely a huge improvement over my old VHS tapes.

Once you’ve watched the episodes, you’ll want to watch them again, and this time, enable the audio commentary by Matt Groening and his fellow writers, directors and producers. And what can I say except this: The commentaries are great. They tell the story of the first year of the simpsons with all the highs and lows; how the show was almost cancelled, and so on. It’s simply a joy to listen to these tales, and I’ve probably watched the Episodes mroe often with the commentary than without. If you are a Simpsons fan at all, then you will not want to miss these, at any rate.

The bottom line is that, while it’s still expensive, I never regretted the purchase of The Simpsons Season One. I certainly got my money’s worth out of these discs, and I can only recommend them to anybody who likes The Simpsons and owns a DVD player. I would recommend that you compare priuces, though.’s current listed price for Season One is 40 Euros, which I find is way too much for this set. 30 Euros, which I remember paying for it, sounds about the correct upper limit for this set.

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