The Lost Boys

It’s a slow evening, so here we go with the third review of a scary movie for Halloween. Granted, the setting – a seaside town in California – is not really Halloween-ish, but the movie is otherwise right on.

I don’t remember how I first noticed The Lost Boys, but I think I watched a fragment of it on Television and my curiosity was stirreed. When I got a good deal on the DVD, I purchased it. It turned out to be a good buy.

Lost Boys tells the story of a small family that moves to the city of Santa Clara, “Murder Capital of the World”, as a graffity in the movie puts it eloquently. Santa Clara has three problems: High unemployment, crime, and, well, people disappearing all the time. After a while, we uncover exactly what’s happening: Santa Clara is infested by vampires, and Michael, the teenage son of the family, gets involved into their bloody deeds – because of a girl, naturally.

Lost Boys is one of the first “modern Vampire” movies that I remember, and it tells its story in beautiful, vivid pictures, achieving a wonderful mix of the harmless atmosphere of a run down californian beach city, and the dangerous turf of a gang of vampires. There’s even quite a deal of humour in the movie. I am undecided about it, some of it is good, and some of it is quite cheey. The movie has wonderful characters, especially David and the Frog brothers. The climatic end of the movie is filmed really well; however I do have to say that I really did not appreciate the very last scene. It felt cheesy and anticlimatic and leaves a distracting bad aftertaste from this otherwise really enjoyable movie.

Lost Boys isn’t really all that scary. It does have some nice scenes, and if you’re really in the mood for this kind of movie, it can shock you at times. But in the case of Lost Boys, that is not really what counts. The great images, the wonderful beach atmosphere, it all goes hand in hand to create a memorable movie experience.

Some last words on the DVD: The extras are pretty much nonexisting. There’s mostly some text stuff, biographies and so on. That is what we have the internet for. The DVD was disappointing in this regard, but I still did not regret spending money on it.

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