Halloween 2002

My favorite holiday is coming up: Halloween. My neighbor across the street had a jack-o-lantern outside her window for a few days, but they took it back inside. Probably afraid it’d fall down. Okay, understandable, but too bad. I loved that grinning thing. At my local supermarket, they started to sell Halloween candy – instead of easter bunnies or Santa clauses we now get witches and ghosts made of chocolate, and the M&M’s have little bat wings printed on the package and are colored orange and black. They’re still normal M&M’s, though, and not the peanut-butter Halloween kind they have in the United States. Actually, that’s a good thing, or I’d buy and eat _way_ too many of them.

But that’s not all; my local Woolworth (ha) is selling jack-o-lanterns made from clay or plastic, and many a store is offering masks and similar Halloweeny accessories.

I love Halloween. Not because of the trick-or-treat thing, though that’s a nice addition and definitely part of the “feel” of Halloween (except that nobody in Germany does that anyway). And also not because of the costume parties. Nah, it’s the whole atmosphere. Ghosts and goblins, ghouls and zombies; demons and witches, autumn, foggy nights, staying up late, watching old horror or science fiction movies – when you do it right, it’s just the most perfect day of the year.

Also, for me, Halloween marks One Year of Frankfurt. Yay me, I survived for one year in this town. That, truly, is scary enough.

If anybody knows anything cool to do in Frankfurt, let me know.

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